Great 8 Zone-O-Rama

Great 8 Zone-O-Rama
May 5-7, 2023
C Bar C Arena
Cloverdale, Indiana

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to everyone who showed at the 2023 Zone 8 APHA Great 8 Zone-O-Rama! Thank you to the team that helped out to make this such a successful show. Great numbers and a super facility. It take countless hours of volunteer work to pull these off. We so appreciate our staff from the office, scribes, ring crew, and of course, our top-notch judges!
Thanks for supporting our show and we hope to see you at the 3 remaining Midwest Connection shows this summer.
Come out and try for one of the 4 saddles or other great prizes we offer!‚Äč

Midwest Connection Series Approved
This show is the first show in the series for the exciting Midwest Connection Series!

The Great 8 Zone-O-Rama was a 2022 APHA Top 20 Show

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