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2023 Placings

Current 2023 OPHC Results (thru Amateur Club Show)

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2023 OPHC Awards Banquet
March 16, 2024
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OPHC Points & How to Qualify

Become A Member

The exhibitor and horse owner must be a member for points to begin accruing. Points only count as of the day your membership and payment have been received. Become a member today!

Year End Award Eligibility

“To be eligible for OPHC Year End Awards in any class (i.e. Sr. Western Pleasure) the horse or horse/rider combination must show under ten (10) judges (of that same class- i.e. Sr. Western Pleasure) at OPHC approved shows, of which four (4) judges must be at non Paint-O-Rama shows, and of which one (1) of those shows must be held within the boundaries of Ohio.” (OPHC Rule Book, Ohio Paint Horse Club Awards System, page 12, #7)

What this means?

  1. Become a member (both exhibitor and horse owner). Points only began accruing after both memberships are active
  2. You must show under at least ten (10) judges at OPHC approved shows in the respective class you want to qualify in.
  3. Four (4) of the ten (10) judges must be at a non-POR show. The only non-POR shows in 2023 are the Summer Jam (2 Judges) and the Amateur Club Show (4 Judges).
  4. Four (4) of the ten (10) judges must be at a show held in the boundaries of Ohio. Both the Summer Jam (2 Judges) and the Amateur Club Show (4 Judges) are in the boundaries of Ohio, meeting this requirement as well.

So become a member, show under 4 judges at the Summer Jam and/or the Amateur Club Show, and then show under at least 6 other judges at the other OPHC approved shows and you qualify!

Any questions? See the OPHC Rule Book for more information 

2022 Placings

Congratulations to all of our members on such a successful year!

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