Youth Club

Ohio Paint Horse Youth Club

Meet the 2022 Ohio Paint Horse Youth Club Officers!
President: Jada Lowery
Vice President: Cami Miller
Secretary: Mollie Topping
Treasurer: Casey Snapp
Reporters: Natalie Snapp & Paige Conley

Are you a high school senior or in college and 23 years old or younger? Apply for an OPHC Scholarship!

Collect your Tribute proofs of purchase from Tribute feed bags and bring to a show or mail in. Each one received earns our youth club $0.25!
Please mail to:
Justin Russell
16351 State Highway 67
Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351

Meet the OPHC Youth Advisors, Justin & Rachel Russell:

“Rachel has been showing horses since she was 8 and I have slowly been acclimating to the horse world since we met in college. We currently reside in Lima, OH with our three daughters; Harper (1 year), Charlie (2 years), and Raegen (4 years). We currently have 2.5 horses (one is a mini) that keep us busy. Liam is our show gelding that Raegen, Rachel, and I showed in 2020. We had a blast meeting new people and want to spend more time helping to cultivate and grow the youth club. We have some exciting ideas for the upcoming show season but encourage anyone with ideas or time to help the youth club to reach out! Justin”

Contact Info:
Justin & Rachel Russell
16351 State Highway 67
Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351

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